About 'Creating Sprites In Unity'!





I labeled this: Is this copyright infringement?


This is my humble design :joy:


Here is the mighty Deep Sea Miner !!!


A simple see-saw puzzle I created. Just cut the rope to drop the box and jump on to the next platform.


Fun with Sprites…a Unknown Art by me without thinking much…just playing with tools.



Hey guys,

some great work from a lot of people here. Thats my first attempt.
Don’t ask what kind of creature this might be. My%20First%20Attempt


My first attempt at with the sprites in Creating Sprites in Unity!

Small beginnings as i am enjoying the 2D Sprite tools :grinning:.



Hi all! First post, so good to meet all of you!

I didn’t even really make a level - I just got distracted by making a super happy face and a starry sky!




True story



2nd one for funsies


Aliens vs Baywatch :rofl:



Messing around with the sprites


When I try to create sprites, I can’t see them until I’m in the game view. I also can’t see the white main camera.

Here’s what it looks like:



I feel like the player should be interacting with those boxes, but don’t see, why, though.