About 'Converting Your Sketch To A Curve'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Convert a Grease Pencil To A Curve
  2. Understand the process

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You will be able to convert grease pencil sketches to curve data

(Unique Video Reference: 5_SG_BEC)

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This was straight forward enough. Fairly simple, but then my subject (grass sketch) was simple too. BTW I am using the latest version on Blender 2.8 (as of 28 November 2018) and it is working correctly for what we are doing (so far).

Excellent, great to hear it is working well. More lectures coming shortly, good to see you at the forefront of them!

I’m using Blender 2019-01-09 and you now have to go into Object mode then from Object menu choose Convert To … and select Bezier Curve. Or if you are a left-click select user then once you are in Object mode (not Edit mode like in the video) then just Right-click on the grass object and choose Convert to Bexier Curves from the context menu.


Added to the Q&A thanks @Logikgate i completely missed it on my google search even though i still had the page open

I got an issue, in Edit mode with vertext of stroke selected there is no convert option in stroke menu

what is the problem?

Converting is an object action. As such, at some point after @Michael_Bridges recorded the video the option to convert to mesh was moved back to the Object menu to reflect the nature of the action.

While in Object Mode, navigate to Object—>Convert—>Convert to Mesh from Curve

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Thank you!

Thank you!


I’m using a mouse and my Grease pencil leaves where not so smooth flowing.
So I used the Grease Pencil ‘Sculpt’ mode to soften the strokes.
And then I simplified the vertices (less). More like a low poly design.

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Thank you so much, was looking for it :slight_smile:


Plant to curve.