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1 Create a Computer Scene 2 Using find_node() to get a node by name 4 Ask CombinationGenerator for a random combinations 5 Display that combination to the Player in a Popup

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Using a returned value from one script to change the contents of another

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I had a bit of a time with this one. I had to have two goes at it. I’m not sure what I did different but it worked the second time.

I have trouble making the Computer popup screen to work:

I get this error:

Invalid call: non-existent PoolStringArray constructor

code looks like this:

extends Popup

func set_text(combination):
	$NinePatchRect/CenterContainer/NinePatchRect/Label.text = (
				"Here is the passcode for the door: " 
				+ PoolStringArray(combination).join(" ")
				+ "This is the last time I give it to you. Stop forgetting it!")

It’s like it does not recognize combination as an array.

[EDIT} never mind I fixed it. Problem was that it did not recognized combination as an array from the Computer.gd script, because it was not assigned anything there, so I assigned the CombinationGenerator.generate_combination(combination_length) to it and everything works like a charm

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nice one, glad you got it sorted :+1: