About 'Colliders, Collision & Triggers'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Stop our ball rotating by freezing Z axis rotation on our Rigidbody.
  2. Create a lose collider.
  3. Discuss difference between trigger and collider and examine the event matrix for collision events.
  4. Load Game Over screen when ball passes through lose collider.

After watching (learning outcomes)… Make the game load a new scene when an object passes through a trigger volume.

(Unique Video Reference: 7_BR_CUD)

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[Question] I love the challenges but wondering something. Being new to this I was lost on this challenge. Using UnityEngine.SceneManagement was not even close to what I was thinking of using as code. Just wondering why this was used in this challenge when I don’t believe we have learned anything about using code up at the top of the screen? Again i’m loving this course but this threw me way off.

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