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1 Create a Character Scene 2 Create a Player Scene 3 Basic Player movement and rotation

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How to set up a character with a Skeleton, Mesh and AnimationPlayer

(Unique Video Reference: 4_FF_GDT)

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I see when you open the original files that the AnimationPlayer has only 1 animation named default with the animations stretched out in it. What’s the best way to tackle breaking them out into named animations?


I suspect the best way would be to make sure the model is exported from Blender in a way that Godot can read. Manually breaking down animations is a pain - you would have to delete all keyframes before and after the point you want, move the remaining keyframes to the beginning of the timelines, shrink the timleine to fit, save the animation then undo all of it and do it again for the next animation.

Doable, but frustrating.