About 'Chaining Physics Constraints'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Chaining constraints together.
  2. Setup the new Axle and its contraint.
  3. Why we need a collider to simulate physics.
  4. Using USphereComponents.
  5. Disabling collisions on the Axle.
  6. Constraining the wheel rotation.

After watching (learning outcomes)…

How to chain constraints together.

(Unique Video Reference: 109_BT_URC)

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I’ve followed the code (using “Spring” instead of “MassWheelConstraint”), and now find that while USphereComponents appear in the proper order within the Blueprint, none of the sphere components has Details on the Details tab. This means I can’t turn off collision on the Axle. Which means weird behavior when a tank spawns due to collisions between the axles and the wheel. I’m using Unreal 4.22, and Visual Studio Professional 2017 on a 64-bit Windows 10 laptop.

Any suggestions on how to fix? I’ve tried closing an rebooting the engine, but this does not resolve the problem.

On another note, the lecture has no link to resources so I’m unable to pull a source control to copy over code. So my review of code is visually comparing to code within the lecture.

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I have excactly the same problem. No details on the SphereComponents! And i am at UE4.22.3. So close to finish this course in the original version…

How are the components setup in C++. Not seeing the details is often a problem with the UPROPERTY setup.