About C++ OnHit implementation

I wanted to share my experience so that other people understand how valuable this piece of code is.

Just three months before this course started (I wasn’t aware of any C++ courses for Unreal at the time) I started learning Unreal using C++ on my own, the pain… the pain you have to go through to understand this kind of things is very intense, so Ben and Daniel and creators of this course, thanks a lot for this valuable course, this here I had to learn on my own by going to the Unreal Engine forums and (the best place to ask for help) the IIRC chat for Unreal Engine, I totally recommend it, log in there every time you code not only to ask questions but to help others, really it’s the best place since you get help in real time with some really awesome people (including me ^^).

So answering your question on the video, was this helpful? Oh yes! definitely, even now I tried to google about an answer on how to do this and I couldn’t find one, so thanks a lot again, I’ll keep learning :slight_smile:

Note: If you want to check out the game I created here is a Link to a video, I will upload the repository I have on BitBucket of that game to GitHub after I’m done with the rest of the BattleTank course.

If by Daniel you mean me then thank you :slight_smile:


I was hoping he would show us what is going on as opposed to what to type. This AddDynamic thing seems very advanced and high level to understand, especially considering it highlights in purple being a macro, and also how a variable of type FComponentHitSignature is actually described as an event in the documentation

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