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1 Create a Popup node to make a number pad 2 Use container nodes to design the number pad 3 Use Theme to control font and buttons

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Use the power of Themes and Containers to make a beautiful number pad

(Unique Video Reference: 18_HM_GDT)

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I think there’s couple of quite a big issues in this video:

  1. Using NinePatchRect requires you to set the patch margins so it knows which parts of the texture to stretch and which parts to keep. Otherwise it just looks and acts like a regular TextureRect. Attached an example of how the background and display should look when used correctly.

  2. When using containers, you’re not supposed to set sizes and positions of the children manually. It makes this video very confusing to follow when you keep adjusting them when the container actually just tries to do its job and worse, it teaches totally wrong way of using containers. For example the gridcontainer can and should be left as 0x0 size, it will then grow and position itself perfectly (inside the centercontainer) as long as the buttons inside it have some size set . The richtextlabel seemed quite lacking in features so that needed manual sizing and as you mention, centering in code.

I hope I didn’t sound too rude, otherwise the course has been great so far :slight_smile:

Excellent points! I had to cut some material out of the video (it was already getting on the long side) and was hoping to polish both the container and the locked doors in Locked Doors Part 2, but it might be better to go back and redo with that feedback in mind. I shall sleep on it and look at it fresh tomorrow!

I’ve just reshot and uploaded this video to make it a lot clearer and use NinePatchRect properly. I do set the size in a couple of places to show what’s happening, but hopefully this is a much clearer and more engaging video!

Thanks for the feedback, it really helps!


why vSplitContainer child nodes are not switching to full rect ? help me.
even the Layout react option greyout when the NinePatchRect become child node of VSplitContainer.

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