About 'Auto Keying Poses'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Turning On Auto Keying
  2. Understanding what will be updating
  3. Remembering to turn it off when not necessary

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Be able to confidently use auto keying to quickly modify poses Understand it's limitations and its liabilities

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I appreciate the explanations of the keyframe types and keyframe sets. There are so many buttons and options in blender and it is great when those options are discussed when appropriate for the lecture being presented.

First Contact Pose

Instead of setting KEYFRAMES (x,y,z all at one moment), I like to use setting SINGLE KEYFRAME (x or y or z).
It reduces the noise of keying properties which are handled in a different frame position.
Or not used at all. Or later on and then you forget that they already have been set on a different frame.
And there is less to clean-up in the dope sheet later on.

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