About 'Appending Another Blender Project'!



In this video (objectives)…

  1. Append another Blender files data into a new project
  2. Understand it is a copy, it will not update
  3. Start putting together our mock scene

After watching (learning outcomes)…

You will be able to import aspects of other Blender files into a project you are working on.

(Unique Video Reference: 8_GS_BEC)

We would love to know…

  • What you found good about this lecture?
  • What we could do better?

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MockUP :


Here are my appended files.






Here is my Arch and Lamp Post appended.

The lecture was pretty straight forward. I see that Collections will take some getting used to.


Getting there.


Basic Scene with one lamp:


Just doing the beginner basic stuff
I did find that if you have the lamp joined, parent doesnt work so well
Then if you seperate it will give 3 objects, deleted the main light and post and it kicked the lamp back to 0 on the x and y and then about 1 meter on z =? some default location???
Grabbed and moved lamp to its intended place. Everything parented well


Love your work Michael… Starting with the complete blender creator about one week ago
i’m really satisfied with how you explain things, very simple, easy to follow and learn many many things about modeling in blender… Then i decided to buy all your courses on blender… So here i am and in the next year (or faster i hope) i will try to master all that… thank you for making these incredible course.

If you asked me what you could do better i think is the camera because sometimes its blurry… Other things? I can’t really tell because i haven’t finished any of your courses, but so far its the best quality i ever study…

Warm Regards from Jakarta, Indonesia


PS Pardon my ind-lish… cheers