About 'Adding Guards'!

In this video (objectives)…

1 Create a Guard Scene that extends the PlayerDetection.gd script 2 Fix the Torch scenes 3 Populate/Recreate our level

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Get some Guards!

(Unique Video Reference: 11_HM_GDT)

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In the lecture: “Adding furniture”, timestamp: 09:20 @Yann_Burrett found out that guards can see through walls.
in what lecture is that being fixed?
It’s really difficult for me to see a bug and not fix it right away.
I tried to fix it by myself, but couldn’t find the ptoblem’s origin.
Thank you in advanced :slight_smile:

im just working through HM at the moment, ill try and get caught up to help tomorrow.

NVM, found it. It’s in “Labels,Lights and Nightvision”.
I still dont understand how it worked, but I guess putting the Torch in a group helped :smile:

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