About 'Adding a Grease Pencil Object'!

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  1. Add a Grease Pencil object
  2. Look at the options with the Grease pencil
  3. Change to the different brush types

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You will be able to use the basicgrease pencil in Blender!

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My Sketches in an older version of 2.8. The one of 2018.11.16 didn’t work for me, because after draw, the stroke disappeares and then blender crashes.

Snail - Football - Bottle


Had the same problem with Blender 2018-11-16 as you mention.

Real quick one. Tree, mug, engine

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Same crash problem happened for me as well. Went back to version from 14 November and it worked fine. Here are my sketches though not so steady and clean.

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The version 0f 2018.11.17 works again :slight_smile:

I’ll d’l and try it. Thanks!

Just tried and as soon as I go to materials to add colors for drawing Blender crashes to desktop. So, it still doesn’t work yet (at least on my machine). :disappointed_relieved:

Blender 2018-11-17 crashes with Grease pencil here too. :-/

Might put the Older version of Blender in a video early on so people can have a version that works easily :wink:

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Michael, that is a good idea as the latest version(18 Nov 18) did not work yet again.

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I’m on a Mac, and mine (17.11) seemed quite stable :thinking:
but they anyway still every day fix something ^^

Today’s version seemed stable for Windows 10. So, maybe they are making progress!

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Zero crashes on the latest version 2.80.41

After quite a bit of frustration with using a graphics tablet for this challenge, I finally gave up and went to the mouse

Then I happened to remember that there are some settings in the User Preferences that affect how Blender reads the input from a Graphics Tablet. Unfortunately, they didn’t make much of a difference. I ended up having to set my stroke width at 300 and disable pressure control to get a visible line.


The grease lection is interesting and Blender is stable on my pc. I found it very difficult to sketch with the mouse… I like to sketch more precisely.

I have found some other possibilities and now I can sketch also with straight lines and shapes… :slight_smile: scene%20with%20houses


I had some problems, because the UI changed a bit for the blender version of June 20th 2019.
But I managed


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Grease-Pencil worked without issue for me on a half-decent Huion tablet and appears to have improved a lot compared to the beta… but for the sketching experience I would still prefer to use Krita. Would be nice to have an option to hide the system pointer while sketching.

I spent about 5-15 minutes per side.

The exploration of grease pencil I’ve done appears to indicate that it would be better suited to vector/SVG stuff (i.e. InkScape replacement some day?). Constrain-to-geometry also looks promising for adding 3D decals. Also started thinking about how one could do Darkest Dungeon style 2D character rigging… Lots of possibilities here… :man_shrugging:


I love your work!
The grease pencil is used for 2D animation in Blender. But it can be used to create or work with 3D objects.
Of course it doesn’t have all the features of Krita, Gimp, inkScape, Adobe stuff…
But it has also features which other software packages don’t have. Because grease pencil is becoming more an animation tool.

The Future of Animation and Grease Pencil.
This because 3D animators use also 2D a lot. See “The making of Spider verse” - How Animators Created the Spider-Verse | WIRED

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