About 'A Nicer Lose Experience'!

In this video (objectives)...

  1. Add a You Lose popup which gives the player options to restart the level or quit to main menu.
  2. Stop the game speed when the popup is on screen and return to normal speed when the game resumes.

After watching (learning outcomes)...

Bring joy and happiness to our player when they crash and burn.

(Unique Video Reference: 45_GL_CUD)

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Hello Rick, just a question about the lecture and the implementation of lose condition. While play and doing some tuning on the game I come up with a situation. Basically I had 1 life still available, and the time counter already reach the end and sadly no more defenders on my side but just one fox still alive, so the fox made out of the screen and touch the collider and then pop up the lose screen, but after that (I did kill the fox on the collider event) it pop up the win condition so game got weird :slight_smile:
My solution was to add a variable inside LevelController script called
bool youLose = false;
and alter the AttakersKilled script adding the youlose condition.

  public void AttackerKilled()
        if (numberOfAttackers <= 0 && levelTimerFinished && !youLose)

and offcurse set the bool variable true just when you lost :slight_smile:

 public void HandleLoseCondition()
        youLose = true;
        Time.timeScale = 0;

Hope this not happened only to me and help others with my solution.


You legend! Thank goodness someone else found it. That’s a really neat and tidy solution. I was faffing around with complex stuff to fix that, and it wasn’t working. I will keep bools in mind for future! So thank you so much for that!!

Thank you so much for posting this. Still testing your code, but I believe it solved my problem too!