Wanna show my first Ability, which I maybe use in my RPG.

This is my first Idea, it’s like Tracers recall Ability with some more features, I can set up to 4 recalls or just 1, could all automatic or with Input.

These are 2 more, at the beginning from the video it’s something like force which push the enemy away from me. And the second, teleports me always behind the enemy, which I combine with the recall.


These are awesome! Mind sharing the code?

Yeah why not, which ability?

It’s looking good!

Would be cool if you slowed down time a bit when he is almost arriving at the enemy, could leed to some cool effects and would let the player view the position that he will arrive (but it would only work if the game isn’t multiplayer)

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Slowing down time would not affect the transmission between the points I think, because it is just changing positions from from to another. But I think I could create a chase /charge shadow effect with particle system

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Wouldn’t change anything physic oriented (calculated on fixedupdate). Only thing it could cause problems is on an online environment since the game would slow for everyone if someone used this skill (I can imagine this being used on some cool mechanics BTW).
Just make sure you change the time.fixeddeltatime too if you change time.timescale (to make everything moves smootlhy on an slow effect situation)

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I will post an update if i could achieve it. :grinning:

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Thats super cool man! What about adding a particle effect for the recall? Like a ‘poof’ or something?

Thanks mate. I’m thinking about silhouette effect so it’s Loos like the player is a super cool and super fast ninja or something :grinning:I’m tryin tomorrow

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I like the look of the teleport ability. Can you share that one?

The call ability. It reminds me of Ekko from LoL haha. thanks!!

@Crede.Pendrel @spudmillions i send u a PM. Have fun.

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made some changes, not really happy with but its ok

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I made some new skills :blush:

1.The thing in in the Bubble is somthing like an Illusion / Ward.
To place the ward at a right place , I wrote a script that’s projiect the mouse icon to the ground.

2.First u see a Charge its always forward a specific Distance and speed. If the Ward is placed the player Charge always to the Ward.

3 stunns all enemies in a specific Range for a specific Time. If the Ward is placed the ward stunns if not the Player does it.

4.without Ward small self heal
With war big ae Heal

(Sry for my English, it’s not my native language)


Hey these are some really cool skills! Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate, i tryin my best to gather some good results.

Here a new one :slight_smile:


I am loving all the ability ideas. Keep up the great work!

Maybe Ben can touch later during a lesson on how similar abilities may be implemented using the special abilities framework they are compiling. That would be wonderful.

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