A wall


Um yes. Looks a bit wall like!

Nice modular piece! Keep going and you’ll have yourself a good set to complete many scenes!


tetris piece?

You know . . . I play Tetris every once in a while, but I didn’t even think of it when I saw the render. Thanks for the reminder. :wink:

OK, I just had to come back and post this here. There was an article in today’s NY Times eNewsletter, and the time was just perfect.

"A New Generation Stacks Up Championships in an Old Game – Tetris

The best player in the world over the last two years is a 14-year-old boy from Fort Worth (Texas). One of his main challengers? His 16-year-old brother."

I got a real kick out of seeing that. :grinning:


That is cool.
Magic with Tetris is that its not about graphics or pc perfotmance but is just pure logic. Guy who invented it made timeless piece.
Makes you want to say. They dont make them like that anymore :wink:

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