A very serious question for Rick

What’s “Rick’s Spiffy Place of Queueness”? [Section 3, Lecture 54, “Prefabs in detail”, 1 minute 25 seconds]

At a guess I’d say it’s probably where he puts completed videos before the teams automation process scoops them up and pops them onto Udemy…

Oo, a peek behind the curtain of how it’s all done. So the videos get uploaded periodically from a folder on his computer? That’s a cool way of handling that.

I would imagine there are a few more steps in the process, editing most likely, this may be a final destination for edited videos, there could also be some automated co-located backup processes and the like - at some point, somewhere - the videos are uploaded to Udemy…

…or, this could just be a folder full of text documents listing the wonderous and dainty pastries Rick plans to eat during the week, all queued up and in date order :wink: :cupcake:

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Yup we have automation that slurps videos out of dropbox and descriptions from the Github readme and uploads a lecture to Udemy with the forum and Github links. It also send the video off for manual captioning automatically. It’s indeed a spiffy thing. But I think Rick get’s frustrated with it some times (I wrote most of it) so he’s probably being tongue in cheek the rapscallion!

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+1 for the use of “rapscallion”! :wink:

Super interesting. How do you go about making something like that? Like, is there some daemon or shell script you’ve written running in the background on all the instructors’ machines, or is there some pre-made software you use which handles it, or?

I hope I haven’t triggered some beef between you two for his sarcastic folder name, haha

We run it on scalingo.com. It’s a hosting service a lot like Heroku.

An there’s no beef between me an Rick. At most it’s veal.

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