A Tricky Escape Room Idea and Sketch



This is the full overview of my escape room. It is made up of 3 rooms each with a small puzzle along with a number engraved in the flooring. The game starts with all doors locked along with the exit and to get out the player must figure out and type the 3-digit number to unlock the exit. To figure out the 3-digit number the player must unlock each room and look at the number engraved on the flooring and memorize it. The smaller puzzles in each room will need to be solved to unlock the other rooms. But the answer to the smaller puzzles will be associated with a lowercase letter namely the number just upside down. So in this case 1, 4, and 6 will each be associated with the letters l, h, and g.

Room #1 will be the room the player starts at. In this room there will be a box along with 3 pressure plates. The pressure plates will each be associated with a letter namely 2 random ones and the letter l. By putting the box over the pressure plate associated with the letter l Door #1 will unlock. When the player leaves the room Door #3 will be locked.

Room #2 will have the number 4 engraved along with 4 vases. Each of the vases will be associated with a random letter with only 1 of them being associated with the letter h. By breaking the vase with the letter h will cause Door #2 to unlock.

Room #3 will have the number 6 engraved along with 3 levers on both the north and south side of the room. Again each lever will be associated with a random letter with one being associated with the letter g. By pulling the lever with the letter g Door #3 will unlock.

And with that all that’s left is to type the 3-digit number which will be the numbers found in each room with the order being in the same order the player found them so it will be 146. Once done the player will be free!


I like the feeling of progression each room gives. It’s pretty detailed for only being a sketch, would love to see it done!