A third way to edit the video

I don’t know if this is all that different than what Mike showed by cutting with the “k” key or just moving the selected area to render but I found this way:

I just clicked on the clipped where the left facing triangle is and grabbed and dragged it to frame 270. I then clicked on the end of the clip where the right triangle is and grabbed and dragged it back to the left until it was at frame 390. I then clicked and dragged the clip back to frame 1 so that the selected section was at frame 1 to 120. I rendered that and all worked well. This is the same thing that works in audio editing in my DAW so it was natural to try this approach. I was happy to see that it works in Blender and video editing as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The motion is great. A real walk.

Thank you for saying that but the video of Cube Dude is Mike’s (the course instructor). I merely made a clip of it by truncating the 450 frames into a smaller clip using the method that I described. Mike asked if there were other ways that we found to make the shorter clip other than the 2 ways he presented. My way of editing the clip was different so, I included the clip to show that it works just the same as the 2 ways he presented. BTW he did and excellent job of getting a walk cycle to look natural!

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