A sunday drive

This was pretty fun to do.


I really dig the shape of the car. Simple but very effective. How did you get text for the signs?

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Thanks, I had a first car that used more rounder shapes but wasn’t satisfied with it so I remade it for the street view exercise.

To get the text, I created a png file with an alpha layer so I can create transparency into Unity. I then dragged the text/picture into the unity’s asset’s window to import the image. On the inspector I changed the texture type to a Sprite.

Your image if it has a alpha layer may be black when first imported, but by turning it into a sprite, the alpha becomes transparent automatically. After that I just dragged the sprite into the scene and moved it around to where I wanted. There’s probably a better way of going about it but It’s how I got some text into the scene that wasn’t seen through any object like the 3D text object.

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