A Resounding Success

I’m happy to say that resetting my project to a previous version went well. I do a consistent job committing quite often which will come in handy in the future. I did have doubts about all this so I did zip my files beforehand. The one thing that was changed is the doors lacking their colliders which I’m aware why that is based on a past lecture I watched. What’s interesting to see is that the colors of my chairs went back to their default colors, which I assume must be because I didn’t make a commit for the lecture where I messed with the material. Correct me if I’m wrong though; I’m also thinking it may be because that was a part of the Unreal project that was ignored by the git ignore.

I was anxious too :slight_smile: But everything went well!

The chairs are with their default material for the same reason the door lost it’s collision: they are ignored in StarterContent.
But strangely the chairs kept physics enabled… I suppose the engine keep a list of physics enabled object somewhere…

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This saved the mess I did in BattleTank.222 “refactoring AimingComponent”,
I’m not GameOver!

Hey there, just FYI and to my understanding the reason the chair kept its physics enabled part is because we changed that in the level or map (not on the chair actor itself). Therefore since we are saving and not ignoring the map those changes where stored on the source control.

Hope that makes sense and helps you understand that a bit more

I just had the same issue with the chair and the doors. I started to panic when I realized that is all ignore by source control setup.

Too sad that the colors I put on the chair were awesome… but of couse they did not match with the yellow table I was too lazy to change.

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