A Problem With My Curve

So I decided to pause and strengthen my acquired skills by working on a car. I outlined a 2003 Audi TT. I converted it into a mesh from curve via “ALT C”. I assumed that I could simply extrude it along the Y axis. However, I can extrude it along Z,X axis but cannot extrude along the Y axis. What have I done wrong or am not doing? I hope I don’t have to start over. :frowning:

UPDATE: I scrapped the whole thing and remade my curve. I selected the checkbox(cant remember the name) that keeps the curve being drawn on the axis it is being viewed from. I did not do that last time. Perhaps that caused an issue with extrusion in Y axis. Who knows. I hope the problem comes up again and I can trace its origin.

Sometimes I suspect Blender gets buggy with its calculations. But I’m too new to confirm that. xD

Well…It’s a start. I’m off to bed. I’ll be needing to approach this with more individual parts, I believe.

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