A problem with building lighting

Since Ben talked a little about lighting in this video I thought I might post the current problem that I am having. I expanded my building a bit more and of course I added more light sources, but when I have more than 3 of them and choose “Build lighting” this is the error that I get:

Is there any way to solve this?

Yes, you should click on the light sources one by one, and make sure the “range of light” do not overlap each other. I did this by clicking on the light > press R and pull it down by its axes untill it removes the cross on the light. When done properly on all lights it should be fixed. If the light are to close to each other but you like the design you could choose for unchecking the “casts shadow” option in the details tab. This way the error will go to but you won’t have the object cast a shadow.

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