A Not-so-basic Knight

Wow, I spent the entire afternoon with this one lecture, and this. This knight piece surely is one difficulty spike with lots of details. I feel like for the first time I am sculpting something in blender. It’s incredibly satisfying!


It’s quite an organic shape. I was trying very hard to stick with quads; knifing around redistributing geometry, but there are still plentiful tris sprinkled here and there throughout the model. Really hope that isn’t too large of an issue.

I worked on the head first, which is the most intricate part. Then did I connect it to rest of the base.

Stylish headshots! :heart:


Nicely done. The knight is the testing item of the chess set. You have ended up with a very good looking low poly Knight. Gone to the details of eyes and nostrils, open mouth etc.


Thanks, NP5 :smile:

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