A new pixel game in the chemical post-apocalypse setting

Hello all! Here is a new indie studio, which decided to create its project!

Your attention is a young indie studio gathered to create a game. Our goal is to create a 2D platformer in the style of PixelArt with a good, unique, and well-thought-out storyline.

Briefly about our game: 2D action in a world that experienced a chemical post-apocalypse, which took place between the two superpowers. The essence of the game will be that the player has to go a long way to his new shelter is a bunker, which he will report on the radio. Passing all the way the main character will be able to run into factions, hostile and friendly to the player NPC. In addition, the world will be full of different references and Easter eggs, notes, and documents…

Our concepts (GoogleDocks)

If you are interested in this project, you can follow us on our Telegram

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