A Mushroom and A Cautionary Tale in Course Requirements

Here is a mushroom from a previous course I did!

This was my first proper introduction to texturing and texture painting. The entire process of UV unwrapping and painting directly onto the model is such a foreign concept, but it is one I will master!

But sadly it will not be in this particular course. (maybe?)
Friendly reminder to keep an eye on “Course Requirements” when buying courses online. Sometimes when sales happen, the price can be pretty tempting. For me this was a Udemy course and it was only 10 bucks. But honestly I feel like what I was able to complete made up for it.

Sometimes courses/tutorials dont always work out for one reason or another, but that doesnt mean we didnt learn anything. It can be frustrating when we hit that wall, but in all this learning stuff, it really is about the journey, not the destination. So try to be mindful of the things we learn on that process. :blush:

I still might be able to progress into this one without the other program, but I figured for now, trying to decipher another program into stuff blender can do might be a bit above my skill level. Time will tell! Maybe one day!

The course was “Stylized texturing for video games with Blender” on Udemy and the additional program needed is something called “Marmoset Toolbag”


Cool stuff!

Yeah, the most important thing to realize, is your artistic journey is a long one. No one developed into a great artist over night, after one course, after one drawing. It takes many many hours and effort to become great.

Tutorials/courses are only their to give you the tools and basics, it is up to you to master them.

What course did you use to make the mushrooms? Was it not in blender? And tbh, all of the blender courses on here just require you have a computer capable of running blender. (Though I recommend getting a drawing tablet/monitor at some point if you are serious about doing 3D work)

Anyways, great work! I look forward to seeing your progress.


Very nicely said JyounzuSan. I agree!

Oh shoot, I forgot to mention the course, I’ll edit the original post.
The course was “Stylized texturing for video games with Blender” on Udemy and the additional program needed is something called “Marmoset Toolbag” which isnt the cheapest thing. The fault is entirely my own for not reading all the full requirements. He did mention it a few times in the trailer video, but for some reason I thought that was just a feature of blender I wasnt aware of. It wasnt until part 14 of section 3 when he pulled up the other program and I thought “oh… woops…” :rofl:


Odds are Blender could do anything Marmoset can, so it is a shame they diverted off into that. It may be considered more ‘industry’ and have some small advantages that is all.

Great looking Mushrooms though, and ‘sparkles’.


Yea that’s what I was hoping NP5.
That blender could do all the stuff on this course. Maybe one day I can return to it and give it a try some more. See if i can soak in that hand painted look. I looked ahead a bit and he does still do stuff in blender. so maybe not entirely a lost cause. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the response!

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