A month in Blender

It’s been over a month now. Almost made it through section 5.
Got quite a collection now xD and all completely unrelated to what I actually plan to do with Blender when I have enough skill :smile:

HMS Purple
My first serious model, made it after only few days in Blender, took two full days to complete.
I was going for Black pearl at first, but making a black ship to look good takes some skill in texturing and rendering etc which I don’t have yet so I switched to simpler colors


Took about two full days
My first attempt at making a human after less than a week, It’s not much, but without any experience and knowledge of organic sculpting, that’ll do for now.


Chess set
There is 6 models, I averagely spent half day on each of them

Some more renders here

Subaru WRX 2005

Just wanted to make something cool with things I learned so far. This vehicle was done in under 2 hours, wasn’t going much for details, and generally I’m happy that with more practice things are getting done faster too.

Just a quick 1 hour effort.

Lamp for Section 5.
Quite love how things are rendered in Sketchfab. I wish Blender had this kind of render engine.

Cycles Render:

Blender render does looks quite nice too(and renders stuff 20 times faster :laughing:)

And some other misc stuff

Few minutes of craziness with bevels

And boolean+bezier modifiers


Whoa you’re so good

to be honest, i wish i could make complex model like you hehe, for now i’ll try to keep learning from this wonderful course and make my dream model ,i really want to make fantasy character( something like game or anime character), and i’ll be waiting for your other creation( reference for newbies like me :smiley:)

Really nice work @Sam_Hamsord.

If you don’t have one already, consider getting a SketchFab account and uploading your models, you can then share them here and the forum will embed the 3D model in such a way that we can all “play” by zooming in and out, rotating and so on - it really helps to bring your work alive :slight_smile:

Again, nice work - looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

See also;

@Sam_Hamsord One moooore thing about Sketchfab is that it allows you to see the topology of the uploaded models by pressing 5. This allows you to get easy advice from other forum members about refining your tools and processes if you might be having difficulty by letting them view the topology in 3d without accessing the source file directly.

You have to go to sketchfab proper, as it doesn’t work on embeds. Once you do, I would be happy to offer some ideas on any topological room for improvement I spy :open_mouth:

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It’s a good effort for that level, then :o Have you had any other 3d experience before?

Well I for one, am looking forward to seeing what else you can do :smiley:

whoa its been an ages since i played skyrim :laughing: , damn all of your models are really beautiful
anyway, i plan to finish all section of this course first before making my fantasy(anime) character or another complex model
maybe after that can i ask you some suggestion or reference for helping me in making my first original fantasy model ? :grin:

Although my final frontier will be making adult stuff. I will be making my own characters

Tell me about it xD

I think I found out that if you want to make adult oriented content, the best idea is to use sculpting tools. It may be a good investment to start learning zbrush! I, personally, am (was, lost a lot of the ambition but dunno why) trying to mix cartoonish styles with… interesting proportions to create appealing models, but with block modelling, it becomes difficult to maintain high detail without relying on subdivision surface.

Regardless, it’s a good skill to have, and you’re definitely on the way there :smiley:

thats some really nice work Sam, and I like the direction you went with the chess set pieces there very stylised :slight_smile:

and for just getting into Blender and modelling, I must say your work is really impressive and your well on your way, looking forward to seeing what you come up with down the line… keep it up!

Just keep making stuff and you’ll be making really detailed models soon enough. Great job.

Your chess piece is really unique, it has some RPG vibe i think hoho, can’t wait to see your other model :laughing:

Roger that, do not waste time! :slight_smile:

Wow is that subaru ?, how long did you make that car ?

I wouldn’t start out with the mesh already having a subdivision modifier. This can get very confusing and may guide you towards using more geometry than needed. Start with the simple mesh and add the modifier afterwards (or deactivate it and activate it for previews inbetween).
Using this modifier it’s even more important to have the mesh made out of quads and not tris or polys.

Also if you’re new to this kind of modeling, look up “Edge Crease”. In edit mode you select one ore more edges hit Shift + E (or Ctrl + E for the Edge Menu and then select the Edge Crease) and after that move the mouse or put in a value between 0 and 1. That way you can harden an edge without adding unnecessary geometry. You can also remove this crease by hitting Shift + E and then 0 and enter. It’s an absolute value, no incrementation or subtraction.


nice subie! always loved the sti’s, had one just like the one you created(2005) keep up the good work

Love the chess set!

great stuff! i’ve been on blender for months now following tutorials just never had the imagination to actually create my own renders, i really should after looking at yours

Damn dude this is good. Great job!

With the new Principled Shader you can get close to the PBR Shader of sketchfab, if your light setup is the same :slight_smile:
Nice Models :slight_smile:

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