A minor mistake in the lecture? (IGNORE THIS! - MISSED THAT IT GOT CORRECTED!....)

Sorry wasn’t paying attention, just saw that it was actually corrected in the lecture!

When setting up the first person two bone IK, Sam selected the left hand for the IK bone. He then says that he’s going to use the other hand for the end effector, but uses hand_l for that as well - I believe this should be hand_r?

Hand_l was also used for joint target, which based on the solution for the third person verion I guess should also be hand_r?

Yeah I think @sampattuzzi should add an annotation at that point so people don’t have to wait until after the challenge to correct it if they didn’t spot it themselves.

Lecture 254 @ 3:21

Might be a good idea! Though I find sometimes things like this do keep me on my toes and make me remember the material a bit more.

he should I was confused about this when he set it up as to why all the bones were the same, but I assumed this was the way it was done and spent at least an hour tweaking my values to a desired effect. I also didn’t understand why he was removing the pins but now I realize the pins are only for blueprint input values even though you can still tweak the values which is confusing unless clarified.

granted I did find a sweet spot in aim and it looks better then before. The problem of the moving hands magically fixed itself when I found a mysterious sweet spot lol… I wish I knew why though.

The only major problem now is the arms going through legs during the jump animation while aiming very low

@sampattuzzi any considerations for this?

You might be able to clamp the movement of the arms without restricting the camera movement. This way the arms wouldn’t go too far down and clip with the legs.

I have patched let me know if it’s better.

Is it live? I’m not seeing a difference.

I’m trying again…

It should be processing now…

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