A Low Poly Barbarian

I just came across Grant Abbitt’s Low Poly Character Course, and this is my first character I made by following the course. I took a lot of creative freedom for this model in contrast to the course tutorials.

I found a cool looking sketch of a character on Pinterest and used that as a reference. It’s the 2nd character in this picture: https://pin.it/4Ut3zEv

After following a base model reference I changed the proportions of the character, and started modeling the baggy pants which turned out to be the hardest part for me.

I then added some creases in the pants, straps around the torso, a small pouch, extra definition in the arms, a skull that I snatched from sketchfab and decimated to reduce the poly count, and some colors.


It’s a very aggressive pose. Give him a sword or ax …
Just have fun!

Very well done using the methods taught to make something very much your own.

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