A link to be added to the list of useful resources under sounds


Hi @DienteAzul - thanks for the link - I have added this on your behalf. :slight_smile:

Hello DienteAzul.

Nice idea to start this thread.

This is a very nice little free tool to create game-sound-effects.
It also got a “randomize-option”.
So u never wont have any copyright-problems.
Works on Win, Linux & Mac.



There’s actually an on-going wiki for things of use like this you may want to check it out for some other cool stuff, thanks for this link, I will add this also. :slight_smile:


ooops - turns out it’s already on the list! :slight_smile:

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For sound, I like to record my own on my iPhone and then upload them to a drive. Then I download from my drive and put it in a sound folder from my assets - It’s pretty cool and it’s original.
You can also email them to yourself. Or whatever means you may have.

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