A Kick Up The Backside

I have started the Unity and Blender courses and dip in and out from time to time but I find when I dip back in I feel lost and often start from the beginning again.

This is becoming a pretty bad habit of mine and I need to stop it.

I am now watching the Finish It! course because I need to train my mind to think differently so I can start and complete projects without a long pause in between.

I have many project ideas on the go including, Blender, Unity, YouTube channel, getting fit and learning Japanese. But I am putting time aside to focus on just one of these projects and ask myself why do I need to do this and what is my goal. All of which I have written on the workbook.

Instead of trying to multitask many projects, I will try and focus on one course at a time with the help of the Finish It! course.

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