A jetsonsesque car?

Ended up making a few landing wheels to make it more car like

“Meet George Jetson…”…

Ahh, the memories… nice work @rangeet :slight_smile:

Hope you like the scene with these scifi buildings too.
Thanks man.

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Looking really good - well done. Great what you can achieve with primitive shapes.

You will cover it in the next section when you make the rocket, but try adding a splash of colour to the scene too. You can create a material (right click, just like creating a gameobject), then sets its albedo to the colour of your choice. Give them material a name, then drag it to the relevant gameobject. You will light up your scene! :slight_smile:

The material editor is actually not that hard to operate. Coming from 3ds max for archviz it actually feels quite familiar in certain ways.

A question though, I kinda don’t understand the lighting methods, but I guess its too early for me to dwell on that.

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Love that seen through glass look going on. I have no idea how to do that…yet!

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Do you mean addiing lighting to the scene itself?

No I mean , the 3ds max / rendering analogy would be dome lights? as in the skybox has a direct effect on the reflections and things?

Its actually quite simple , set the shader to transparent and in the albedo color , change its alpha value to something much lower. There you have a glass like material.

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