A home for Physics conversations

A topic close to my heart, if you’d like to discuss physics then #lounge:discussion with a #physics tag is the place to be.


Thanks for keeping this course open. I’ve always loved science and want to learn more about the #physics in games. So often they lack in realism cough Fallout 4 cough.

I look forward to talking to everyone interested in this.

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Hi…thanks for keeping this open


Hey, thanks for keeping the course up! I still have to start with it, too many other courses I’m doing at the moment (I just started with the updated 2D game course) :wink:



Thanks for keeping this course. I am getting around to using it…:slight_smile:

Hi! :smiley:

Aha, Nice to have a place we can all gravitate towards :wink:



Your comedic genius is a force to be reckoned with :wink:

(hope all is well btw)

It’s hard to differentiate which of those puns is better, but this conversation seems to have gone off on a tangent.

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Yes omg yes!

Hi. Thanks what not forgetting about it.

If you want to restrain to Unity, Blender or Unreal physics, then soon you’ll also be able to put in Unity > Discussions tagged with #physics. The top-level categories will be being simplified in the next few days

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