A few poses (anybody else getting spotlight artifacts?)

I noticed the spotlight seems to cause extra artifacts at a minimum of around the lap shade rim.
Moving it too close to the inside of the lamp shade actually seems to cause it to emit light on the other side of the lamp shade.
Is anyone else getting this effect?

Here are some poses without the problem too extreme:

Here however you can see the spot light emmit these artifacts when the light point is at a more realistic location of where the coil would be:

You can’t see the problem at first but after about 10 samples the problem starts to manifest itself.

^And here in this one you can see the lighitng is more realistic because it hits the bottom of the lamp, but you get a wierd artifact in turn. I didnt get this problem with using only the emissive material however.

I used a temporary workaround for now by making the spot light radius higher, although you still get that wierd effect in around the rim of the lamp.

I suppose it may be a difference between the way spot and emmisive are calculated in cycles render, although the problem with the light clipping through the model is very strange.

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