A few examples of free movement methods in various VR games

A few games/examples that are employing various methods to reduce VR sickness while employing movement that doesn’t restrict the player to just roomscale movement and not using teleportation.

  • Vignetting. On movement, those games restrict the field of view, often restricting it more on faster and more sudden movements. I think Eagle Flight by Ubisoft made the most advanced and dynamic vignetting system so far, GDC talk about the R&D can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9Izpg-D0es
  • Cockpits. A fixed frame of reference seems to alleviate VR sickness. See racing games like Assetto Corsa or space games like Elite: Dangerous. This is also used in some mech games like Archangel
  • Arm swinging/grabbing stuff to move around. This can be seen in blockbuster games like Lone Echo, but I also think in tech demos like Freedom Locomotion or in the Natural Locomotion plugin are using physical arm movement to move you about can help to decrease the disconnect between virtual movement and actually just standing in a room.

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