A Dilapidated Dungeon

An old fortress, battered with time. All that remain are a few skeletons.

The main chamber.

What was he reading in his final moments?

Some old weapons.

The food and drink has long since gone stale.

Ancient knowledge, or recipes on mead?

I took a bit longer on this than I’d like to admit, and finally got around to finishing it. I really enjoyed creating the low poly assets and added a few of my own.


Very nice lot of additional items, good lighting too.


Omydog! I love how much personality and narrative you packed into so few polys! I hope you have tons of huge ideas for them!

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very nice, i like the skeletons.

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Reminds me of a catacombs/abandoned archives style level.

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So many nice assets :clap:t5: I love it, congrats :heart:

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