A different barrel texture

Since textures.com hasn’t given me any free credits despite my account having been made for multiple days now I decided to try something new, downloaded GIMP, and followed a tutorial to create a texture of my own.
In use I still wanted the metal bars (there is a way to make them in GIMP, and I did try, but ultimately decided against the additional time on it for now) so instead I added two additional loop cuts (after the beveled two for the shape) and set them to a different material slot and added a metallic material to it instead.

I included my attempt at a texture in case anyone else would like to use it.


Just as a heads up, here are some sites with textures that have CC0 license (free to use anywhere anyhow):


Good job making your own texture though, it’s a good learning experience to do it a few times. I wouldn’t recommend making all your textures though, it’d be too time-consuming.
I think your texture looks alright but it’s lacking some distinctive detail wood grain has, I think it could work quite well for texturing hair though.


Thank you for the resources and suggestion. I’ll keep using it as a hair texture in mind for later!
I’ll give those sites a look so I can follow along with the extra practice in the lessons.

My texture definitely isn’t perfect but I’m happy with how well it went for using a completely new program, and wanted to share that work with others.

Edit: I wanted to update with that I struggled to find barrel textures on those sites (aside from one which had very comprehensive files that included other texture maps for more detail) but beyond that the selection was mostly just wood textures.
So, instead, I googled barrel textures and from there selected ‘tools’, ‘usage rights’, and ‘creative commons’ - which brought a selection of barrel textures that were free to use.

Of course, it could be that I was just not using the right search terms on the other sites :sweat_smile:


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