A couple of cloth materials

On this one I put a sheer cloth over a purplish corduroy sphere. I think there are a few more tweeks to make in the sheer cloth.
1 you can see through it
2 I like how it looks when overlapping
3 light reflections are good

  1. Don’t like how the top looks. That may be because I no longer have the original sphere and had to create a new one.
  2. Using these two materials slowed the render significantly. It took almost 7 minutes to make this bad boy. Guess it is time to set up my render farm if I will be playing with better materials.


I think it looks great! Even by the top part to be honest, because when compared to other ‘shear’ material it overlaps it looks about right. The spots of darkness would be what I try and blend a little bit more somehow, did you use geometry nodes? There could be a new node to add that blends the spots a little more. Was it cycles render? I’m curious how it looks in an eevee.

Thanks so much for sharing this !

Some examples I thought were good:


Thanks for the feedback. At this time the course hasn’t covered geometry nodes. I am hoping it does as that seems to be a popular method of getting some nice textures. I’ll put a screenshot of my shader here. I hope it is legible.


The new Blender 4 has beautiful new ‘sheen’ / ’ velvet’ options to improve clothing textures.


Thanks for that tidbit @FedPete as I haven’t even downloaded Blender 4 yet, so good to know.

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Is there a big interface change like from 2.79 to 2.8? I still run across videos from the old interface and it takes longer to learn from them as nothing is in the same place.


Yes, the UI changed a lot.

It’s better to use a new version!
Much has changed, nog only UI (big improvements in understanding Blender).
But also new features, faster rendering, EEVEE etc.

If you can’t find an old UI button, aks here.

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I’ve got 4.1.0 Alpha downloaded to a test machine. Unzipping now and will install as soon as it is done. Thinking of getting Blender 1.0 Irex as well. I am assuming anything that is opened in version 4 of blender will be modified to the point that we can’t go back to 3.6.


Sinds 3.6, blender files do have a sort of compatibility mode switched on. Meaning 4.0 can read 3.6 files.


Hey Michael, I’m working on a geometry nodes course right now, expect it within the next month or so!

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oh, that’s cool. it looks so think and soft.

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