A Cat's Journey Home

You are a cat. While chasing a delicious-looking bird, you somehow ended up far, far away from home and now you somehow need to get back as quickly as possible. Lucky for you, the NASA headquarters was nearby and in the middle of the night, you stole one their rocket ships.

-Unlucky for you, since you’re a cat you don’t know how to fly the ship very well… but you’ll manage somehow.
-Again, unlucky for you, someone noticed that their rocket ship was missing and sent out people to get it back. But, lucky for you, the ship you stole have guns attached to it, so you can shoot them down.
-And as it so happens, by shooting them down you get fuel for your own ship.
-Perhaps, you can shoot down some birds on the way too.
-Shooting down certain things give you power-up?

Quite a messy idea, but changes will probably happen I do the course.

This sounds like a great idea for the next section :slight_smile:

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