A Board Aboard the London Underground πŸš‡

An animated short I created in Blender making use of Geometry Nodes, procedural texturing, light path animation, and more:


Very good.

Could I suggest a bigger version. :grin:

Make it so there is a station nameplate covered with those changing spheres, so it moves from station to station, being readable only at the stops. An entire loop of the circle line may be a bit long and ambitious though!

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Are you asking for a satisfying render (see corridor crew on YT)?

That would be a great weekly challenge.

Nice render!

If you don’t mind me asking, How did you get the texture on the rotating pieces to stay still while they were rotating?

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Ha… good question.

I actually had the Texture Coordinate for each rotating piece reference an Empty that was set in the corner of the board and never moved:

I’m probably glossing over a few other details, but that’s the crux of the approach.

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That’s an amazing idea!

Definitely a bit bigger in scope, though. I might need to get over to London and hop on the tube myself to record all the audio for each stop :joy_cat:


Thanks for letting me know how it was done. It’s much simpler than the ways I thought of how it could be done.

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