A bit of Advice - Section 2/21

Hey Everyone,

I have just completed the Section 2/21 Member Variables To Hold State.
I just wanted to part a bit of advice for anyone in the same position as me, (someone who has no experience in coding C# or any coding language for that matter).

At the start of this course, I had a hard time getting to grips with terminology, implementation and really understanding how the lines of code work, like functions or statements etc. All this generally speaking because I am a newb to coding haha

But when I got to section 21, Ben explains Member Variables and how they work, at this stage “in my opinion” its a great time to go back and revisit section 1/13 Your first function.

All that Ben was explaining there in part 13, after a 2nd viewing started to make sense and I started to understand the overall arch of what I am learning in this course up to this point and how that code on my screen is all linked together in some way.

It helped me and I wanted to share this with you all, specially when you want to build a foundation/base for your knowledge of C# and so you will start to put things together and understand how each line of code your learning actually works.

Wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to Ben and Rick for the excellent work, I didn’t think my brain could take all this information, but something you guys have made it work! Thank you again.

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