A Bi-plane and an apple

So I asked my friend to name an object and she said apple. Turns out apples are hard. I found out what a torus is and I used that to make this. I couldn’t figure out how to make indentations but I found an effect that let me twist the torus, that’s how I got that effect to make it look like the bottom of an apple, even though it looks nothing like it.

Enjoy my weird but delicious apple!

As for the plane, it was fun. A lot easier to do, but more time consuming. Started to get a little lazy. I was going to use a sun light but ended up using a point light, turning it up, then moving it close to the sky plane. It ended up reflecting off of it so brightly it created a pretty natural-looking sun.

I included an Eevee version because it’s pretty dark in Cycles.


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