A basic bishop

Today I modified the pawn’s model to fit the bishop piece’s reference.

The boolean modifier (78) lesson isn’t playing for me, but thankfully from the recap in the next lesson, I am able to get a glimpse of how it works.

I think making the notch helper block as an individual mesh object in the object mode gives it more control over its shape.

The notch block is a tilted one. Being part of the bishop mesh data, even with local transformation orientation applied, it’s local to the entire bishop, and the axes still seem skewed. But when it’s on its own, the local frame of reference allows for easy symmetrical scaling in this tilted block. (Although, in retrospect, I could also just combo edge slide with set numbers…)

Anyway, I later joined the notch block with the bishop, and used the boolean intersect to crop it out of the bishop. I also cleaned up by eliminating tiny facets, and dissolving redundant edges that are the remnants of the process.

The cut also seems to be perfectly aligned with the side face of the orb at the top, very satisfying.


Good bishop cutting.

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Well done!

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Well done, very clean.

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