95: There is no shortcut with Chris DeLeon

“I am not trying to be a one size fits every human being on earth, I am trying to be a here’s a particular set of things I am the right answer for and that’s it.” – Chris DeLeon

This week we have Chris DeLeon join the show. Chris DeLeon teaches game development online through his service http://HomeTeamGameDev.com, through which he is helped beginning developers around the world work together remotely to build more than 100 released freeware games with the support of expert mentorship. Longest episode to date, Chris gives a lot of advice about everything from game development to business. We talk about being self-aware, motivation, mental health, and legal ramifications. We promise you will not want to miss this episode GameDev.tv students will find tons of value listening to this episode. We guarantee you will not regret listening to this episode.

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It took me almost 4 days to listen to this entire podcast, that was quite long but super interesting.

I’m a little worried, every time I hear all this people that have far more experience than me, I’m left wondering if I’m doing the right thing…

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Yeah, this one was a really long one but so much value that I had to share all of it. What are you the most worried about?

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I’m worried that maybe I’m a little overly ambitious with what I’m doing, I’ll soon make a post here in the community about an animation system I developed, I’m calling it “Next-gen pixel art animation”, cloths and loose things like grass react to wind, explosions, strikes, punches and more. They react in different ways, the things is, it’s pixel art, you don’t want this to be physics based because the art breaks completely, so I’m actually using sprite sheets to create this animations, so everything is “hand-made” (Mouse-made in this case). With certain code tricks I managed to create super realistic animations that can slow down, they can react violently if the wind is too strong, and things like that. I’m doing this for “Project Toon”.

That’s my worry, I got this silly idea that I want to win the GotY Award with “Project Toon”, that’s why I’m holding it back so much, I’m want this game to be mind-blowing, to break game design conventions, to be long, enjoyable, something players don’t just finish and them leave in the shelf as a dust collector I want them to keep playing it over and over. I’m way too overly ambitious, and I keep hearing this “calm down, don’t try to be this because you’ll end super frustrated and won’t achieve anything”, but also I’ve been hearing that crazy people manage to achieve crazy things, things people think are impossible, Am I a crazy person? Maybe I am, who knows, that’s what worries me.

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