94: Diving Deep with Kevin-Brandon Corbett

“The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can tough the poison of hatred without being harmed. Since beginning-less time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light.” – Lion Turtle

This week Zoë takes the role as main host and interviews Kevin-Brandon Corbett. You may have wondered who Kevin-Brandon Corbett is and what does he do. Just like most of you he is a student and is working towards becoming a gameplay programmer. On his game development journey, he has realized that the best way to do that is to gain insight from individuals in the industry that have done exactly what he is striving for. In this episode Zoë ask him everything from how he got started to how he studies. He is a self-taught developer that is creating his very own game called United Planets of Galaxies. He gives great advice on how to self-reflect and use that to help you get things done and enjoy the most out of life. GameDev.tv students will find tons of value listening to this episode. We guarantee you will not regret listening to this episode.

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I love that one of the main topics is “Does K-B sleep?”, can’t wait to hear this. Also be sure to switch places and interview Zoë soon!

Massive Edit:
Just listened to the podcast.

This was my favorite episode by far, I felt so related to everything you said, I’m also doing something very similar to the whiteboard thing, maybe I’ll edit this post later and take a picture of it, also trying to get in shape again, doing some Taekwondo, yoga and calisthenics everyday, just pushing hard, working hard, trying to do my best and keeping an eye to the community but Nina just keeps grabbing all the questions, she’s insanely good at her work.

Oh, I’ve been doing that breath thing to control my mind and body, yoga has helped me so much with that, but also I’ve been meditating for around 30 minutes, two sessions of 15 minutes each after waking up and before going to bed, I’ve noticed so much change and I’ve been doing this for only 8 days, it’s insane, I’m more calmed, more focused, I still need to work on some things but I’ve noticed so much difference, it’s kind of insane how just controlling your breath can make so much difference, so I had research why, I found things about different brain waves, it’s such a fascinating topic.

I probably should stop writing or I’ll never finish doing so. Amazing episode, I really enjoyed it.

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I actually did interview Zoë but I think it is time to interview her again. Thank you so much. I am so honored you loved the episode. It has been very hard to manage everything I want to do. We all want to do everything and this is great if you are already a master at something but I have noticed that it makes for a plan of failure when it comes to specializing and becoming a master at one craft. I would love to see your whiteboard. The whiteboard has helped me get done what I need to get done for each day. It also helps me see what I have accomplished. It can be hard to stop working. You think, “oh wait I can one more thing.” When in reality you completed so much now go spend time doing something you enjoy so you don’t get burned out.

How is the breathing going? Mediation has helped me so much to clear my mind. I promise you if you get certain things right like breathing, diet, sleep and your schedule you will get so much done. Yeah, mastering yourself is something I am so fascinated about. I love Wim Hof because he really pushes the limits of what is possible.

Haha thank you again and I always love to read your posts! :grinning:

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