90 Days of Better Physiology

Rick gave a bunch of good advice. I don’t feel up for big commitments concerning my food, sleep and exercise habits at the moment. I’m also at a decent weight for my height. The small steps I want to take on for the next 90 days are:

Rather reaching for my phone to play games when I wake up in the middle of the night, I will walk to the kitchen for something to drink as I am probably dehydrated.

I will do at least one week straight of light and focused exercises a month. I will walk at least the length of my block at least three times per week.

I will limit my cans and bottles of coffee and energy drinks to two per day and instead invest in more tea and chocolate. As I tend to run rather dehydrated, I will make sure I have at least one snack and one drink in my room before falling asleep.

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i hope you sick to it i remember when i went for no sugar challenge i was very painfully but the end result was worth it.
So best of luck and remember to sleep properly in the process. :raised_hands:

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