8x8 Image Competition

8x8 Image Competition

We are testing out ideas for an early course challenge and would like a bit of feedback.

The challenge is to represent a series of object using only 64 pixels as an 8x8 image.

Create 16 8x8 Images representing basic object. Put them into one grid

Here’s an Idea of a suitable grid of images:

Happy Sad Tearful Angry
Flower Tree Bush Mushroom
Rain Sun Snow Cloud
Cat Rabbit Clock Trophey

Along with submission, you should also tell us what you found fun, frustrating and any other feedback you might have.

It’s a competition, what can I win?

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There is a limit of 3 submissions per person.

Competition Ends on Sunday 16th April 2017 18:00 GMT+1
Winner will be announced within a week to give us a chance to go through all the entries.


I really should start the blender course one day (currently completed Unity dev course, bought blender course but never got started…)…you guys have such fun competitions!

Screen shot of my work (modified, the rabbit wasn’t 8x8 pixel previously, and made my mushroom a little better)

sprite image (ridiculously tiny)


Here’s my attempt, I really REALLY suck at art lol. I quite enjoyed the challenge of trying to fit things in to a small gap, but I’m terrible at animals especially :confused:

Here’s an enlarged version

and here’s the tiny one :stuck_out_tongue:


Great early entries :-).
Looks like you had a bit of fun with the tight constraint :slight_smile:


It’s quite difficult to do anything of detail in a tiny amount of pixels lol

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I love the idea of this competition! I feel like i could be super creative, I just don’t have the skills and haven’t put the time / effort to learn them. So I would very much welcome a new 2D art course aimed at video games :smiley:

As such, here’s my entry:

Tell me if you can guess what they all are before you read the spoiler :smiley:

Rainbow - Happy Bunny face thing - Key - Padlock
Heart - Letter - Arrow - Medical
Tree - Cactus - Bottle - Dalek
Gamepad - Happy Woman - Warning - Supergirl

Full size:

I found it pretty fun learning a bit about dithering to do the details on the tree and cactus. I also was quite surprised when i managed to make the Supergirl a picture that actually had recognisable detail. The frustration was mainly in when you come up with an idea and realise that you actually need a 9x9 grid to make it. That seemed to happen a lot, I guess it’s anytime you want something centred.

Overall, fun stuff! I look forward to seeing more about this course :smiley:
Thanks for making great courses guys!


Yop everybody i hope you are all good !
I try to make some “original” draw and off course things i like, here is the big brother:

and here the tiny one:

And at last :
-what you found fun ? your challenge, learning, reflexion/puzzle and creating thing with you are a lot of fun for me.
-what you found frustrating ? Not finding the solutions of my problem i don’t like to ask and like to find the solution alone most of the time ^^
-And the feedbacks is just continue your amazing work! I never find any other course like yours and how you try to help the “student” until the end and even more, you are just… wow !

good afternoon ! =P


Here’s the big one:

Aaaaand the tiny one:

It’s a moose, a sword, a ghost, a cube, a shoe, a duck, and eye, a floppy disk, a lamp, a sun, a mug, a door, a bed, a finger, scary stairs to the basement, and a present.

This was fun and I totally enjoyed it!


Thanks for the entries everyone! I’m collating all the entries together and will let you know the results later in the week :slight_smile:


Nice work, Mewse! I like how you used dithering on some of these. I agree fully about the difference in using 8x8 versus 9x9. It is much more difficult to make a small image without the benefit of a center column of pixels. That’s what I found to be most challenging as well, but, really, the challenge is where the fun is. :smiley:


Thank you everyone for entering and I am glad to see you all enjoyed it.

Everyone’s entries were really good so we had a hard time picking a winner

Congratulations to @refractionpcsx2 you have won the competition :slight_smile:


Really clever entries and enjoyed seeing them all, and good job for taking part everyone!


Woohoo! Thank you :slight_smile:

Great job everybody else! I really thought I had no chance!

@Michael_Bridges I’m Alex Brown on Facebook in the blender and unity groups, if you need my real name for anything :slight_smile: let me know if you need anything else


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