87. Introduction To The Mapping Node - Chess Board

Might as well post my results after reaching the end of a new lesson.
Segment 87. Introduction To The Mapping Node was incredibly informative.

It appears that working with Nodes can be a career unto itself? A very important phase in the development of a useful render. Seems you could go for days trying to decide what looks best but you have to park it somewhere, alas so I did. lol

I chose the figured mahogany, has a nice look to the board. Rotating and scaling in the Mapping Node was a good introduction to an apparently deep subject.

My XYZ rotations in the Mapping Node were in the negative numbers slightly, is this a bad idea or in the end is it just how il looks?



Looking good. Just be careful of stretching image textures to where the pixels become obvious or it detracts from your intended aesthetic.

It is not a bad idea. “What works”, works… but in the end, understanding what you are doing beats happy accidents any day.

Don’t worry. You will gain a lot more practice with the mapping node as you progress. The mapping node is your friend. :sunglasses:

The Nodes will make more sense and will get easier and more intuitive the more you use them… But, yes, it appears to be a hard thing to master as the possibilities seem endless.

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Hi Jaco, thank you. I understand completely what you are advising. I kept the negative values very low to be safe but it looked good as I was able to remove a few blemishes of the wood carefully out of view while keeping the integrity of texture.

Being the first experience learning about the nodes (and 3D in general) I am obsessed in becoming great with this medium. To me this is more in line with computer science rather than art but they do go hand in hand, in a way Blender is like going under the hood and seeing what drives an application as opposed as to just using predetermined menus.

ahh what do I know? I’m just having fun learning lol

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