7 Months of Practicing and came back for 3.2

Came back to see you guys added the Dinosaur! So i finished it with an animation and with my kids voices. I did Rush it a bit, and skipped alot of extra movements :slight_smile: File is too large to link so here is the youtube link


Brilliant! Dino-dino-dino-SAUR! :grin:


So much fun! I can see it was a long, and heavy project.
You really understand the basics of animation.
A fun story and the characters are beautifully crafted.
It’s a good idea to start with low poly and use the basics of animation.
Because animation is complex, nearly all aspects of Blender need to be involved.

Maybe a next chapter … ?
Have fun (with the kids).


Very nicely done, fun using your children’s voices!


That was very adorable and cute! Creative and well done lol! I’m sure these will be very happy memories for the kiddos as they get older, good job!

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I have to agree with everything everyone’s said, as it was a fun animation, and your children’s voices really add to the scene perfectly.


Thank you everyone for the kind words :slight_smile: Wanted the Dino to break through the wall but i got inpatient with the physics part of blender. An attempt was made, just gave up after several hours!

Right now I’m learning how to use Adobe Audition for the voice effects etc.

My current project is animating World of Warcraft meshes with the current game play of dungeons and quest lines and having fun with it.

I am grateful i came across this on Udemy and again thank you everyone!


Aww this was adorable. The cute laughs in the end.


This is easily the cutest and most wholesome thing I’ve seen in ages! Hope you’ll be continuing this as a series


Sooo cuuute :heart: Really nice project, congrats :clap:t5:

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