7.177: My, what big eyes you have

So I finished my first sculp. What an enjoyable process. I also brought out my Christmas present to use for the first time: My XP Pen tablet (not screened). As I got used to it I had a nice work flow going.

I figured out a good setup for it so that I could twirl the camera around simply with my stylus controls- then implemented a few more useful buttons on my tablet.

That being said I learned some very good things:

  1. Please set a constant amount of pixels:
Here's why

Why? My model looked great with one caveat- lots and lots of detail. I decimated it some, but not without some artifact that I had to go in and clean up. If you do not do this, later procedures, like texture painting, could become an issue- a very, very, slow one…

  1. Artifacts:
Little Tricks dealing with unwanted blotches

In the midst of sculpting I began to see strange happenstances happening all over. I learned how to deal with them, and how not to deal with them. Like an uncontrolled smooth or sculpt will take care of the problem, but only by adding too many vertexes if you have not controlled them. Otherwise they can be useful. But some pesky ones required some surgery and vertex manipulation.

  1. Texture Painting:

I learned how to do some basic texture painting from a very lively German [?], fella- his accent and foreign gestures alone made the video worth watching.

If you are interested, you can find it here: Texture Painting In Blender

  1. Decimate:

Works well, but it is better if you don’t have to in the first place. Otherwise you may get some strange geometric things happening.

I also had some strange things going on:

  1. While I was painting, I would paint one part, and then another part would fill in. The Biggest example is that the black stripes on my spider were not on purpose. I was painting a leg and then BOOM, stripes. It actually improved my model so I kept it. I looked at my UV’s and there were some strange designs popping up. Any Idea what was going on ?
  2. Is it possible to combine Texture paint with texture nodes?

I also learned how to save the texture paint- only after have lost all that I did below… oh well. Only 3 or 4 hours of experimenting lost to the abyss…

I moved my model around and suddenly the texture disappeared. Should Have known better.

Hope You enjoy:


Very horrible spider! :grin:

I must try my tablet again some time. I still prefer a mouse. Stupid buttons on a pen get activated for no intent.

Tex painting sounds like the UVs overlapped.

The ever annoying need to save! It is odd Blender does not make an autosave of such images if you close down without doing so deliberately, or at least have a bigger flashing warning rather than a tiny *.

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“Crab” kept coming to mind. I wanted to had some hair-like aspects, but I did not want to get too ahead of myself. Another function for another class.

I tend to be a pencil and pen man, I do cross hatching art on the side:

(11X16.5 inches)

So the stylus is a little more natural to me when sculpting and painting. However, I use the mouse for pretty much everything else. I find that the stylus becomes an impediment for other aspects of blender.

I saw that and did not know what that meant. I thought I saved my file a few times, but perhaps I didn’t, unless I have to save the UV’s separately?

I used “smart UV Project”, maybe that did not calculate rightly? But then again, with all those faces, any vertex could have been out of whack on their own- I encountered some strange arrangements.

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Good drawing.

No UVs do not have to be saved, I meant the image used to record the texture paint.

The unwrap ought to be ok. Perhaps some parts were not selected and used any space the fancied? Hard to tell now.

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True, now that it is gone.

Okay, they are two separate things. I must have not save the image then. Perhaps I should try to recreate the process to makes sure I understand how to save and that it will save- lest more work wanders waywardly away!

Interesting. Perhaps I should try again, without spending too much time this time, and see if I can recreate some of the issues. I do believe I selected all (pressing A) after having deselected all.

It was as if some faces were linked to other faces. When I painted that spot, it would paint the other spot in a similar fashion. Some of these “linked” faces were on the other side of the model. For example, if I started painting the backend of the spider, a foot would get triangular speckles of the same colour. Curious.

I also found some strange geometry. There were some hidden “Wandering” vertexes. What I mean is that I found some vertices that while attached to an edge, and while that edge looked like it was only one edge, when you start pulling at that vertex, the edged attached to it would pull away from a hidden edge- now you have a triangular hole in the geometry. How it got there I do not know…

Maybe that would do something unwanted during the painting process?

I suspect that is most likely to be a model mesh issue. Perhaps duplicate, perhaps just odd form some joining or some such.

Did you have sync selection on? Top left of the UV editor double arrow icon.

It would also help when unwrapping uv smart unwrap to give the islands a small separation margin in the pop up box.

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I will have to consider those when I do my next UV wrap.

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