5.147: Light Draft-Alight Ye Lightly

I have done a rough draft of my lamp video. Although it looks like I am looking through a frosted glass window, I am happy with the results:

The biggest problem I see is that when the audacious lamp plummets off the desk, his light is still visible in an unproductive manner. I need to do something about the lighting since it sits there and does not help convey the hidden action behind the desk.

Once I tweak that I will be doing some touch ups on a few models I have in the scene: Books, pictures, maybe the desk. I might keep the desk orange, I kind of like the colour contrast. I am thinking of adding a few impact animations to emphasize the disastrous fall of the lamp: slight movement of one of the pictures on the wall, the pen might roll off the desk, nothing too big.

Then when all is said and done, and I am at the end of this section, I will pull out the big guns and render this beast using higher settings. I do not know how much my machine will heat up in the process, so I plan on rendering it out a section at a time rather than all frames at once. Depending on the estimate time, I may space it out over a few days. It will also depend on the temperature where I live: on one of the days we got +40 or more Celsius, with an average of low to mid 30’s these last few weeks, and it is only starting to cool off.


The noise (low cycles samples) can be randomized too.


Perhaps the fallen lamp light should go out at some point, perhaps as the other one look over in that direction?

Sorry you are affected by that roasting! I hate it much over 20C, getting to 40 is scary hot.

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It is hot in general during the summer, but cold during the winter. I had done research on my graphics card using Cryto mining as my reference, since some of that is intensive on the card. They said that most modern GPU’s are able to withstand much higher temperatures. They recommend not going any higher than 72 degrees Celsius for long periods of time. Below that they can constantly mine, so long as they monitor their temperature and clean the card at least once a month.

On colder summer days I am looking at 55 C,

On lighter work loads I am sitting at 45C. I don’t think I have ever dipped into the 30s, let alone the 20’s.

I can also see how evee would be useful if accounted for. For closer to the same framerate I would get better quality. The only issue being that my lamp light would not show through the glass. I would have to model and texture my lamps according to the rendering engine.

That was my thoughts on the matter. Have the light leave or flicker out. Perhaps after the camera shakes. If I want, I could throw the lamp through the floor at one of the flickers and have another light make an appearance to do the rest. Maybe grab one of my other lights. I have some kicking about for the end credits and those bits at the beginning.

I will have to look into that.


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